The Southern Doctor association of Christian medical marijuana users

A ‘southern doctor’ is a believer in God and uses cannabis for medical or personal reason

We believe in promoting the culture of Christianity and a free lifestyle appropriate to the Scriptures. This includes eating well, listening to the world around us, and using alcohol appropriately, not to be a drunkard but to enjoy the luxury of the food God has provided.

Alcohol and cannabis are both mentioned in the Bible. Cannabis however doesn’t contain a warning, as alcohol did.┬áCannabis was actually as free as Cinnamon is today. It was not viewed as a drug in the Bible. It is mentioned as:

  • A special scent of God – Exodus
  • That it used to be flowing in the market, but now is gone. – Amos

Ecclesiastes 9:8
Always be clothed in white, and always anoint your head with oil.

This verse mentions the oil, that for God was infused with 9 lbs of cannabis.

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